Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Featured On DJ Khaled's New Song Shining

DJ Khaled just made Grammys night even more exciting. He took to his Instagram with his adorable son to announce he was releasing the debut single from his album Grateful. The song is called "Shining" and features both Beyoncé and Jay Z. Rolling Stone called the song upbeat and boastful, as well as comparing Beyoncé's vocals to Drake's style..

Some of Bey's lyrics include lines like "All of this winning/I've been losing my mind," while her husband comes in for a verse towards the end of the song. He even makes a reference to his unborn twins in the song. Some fans are speculating that Jay throws a little bit of shade at Drake due to the lyrics in his verse: “I know y’all ain’t out here talking numbers, right? I know y’all ain’t out here talking summers, right? I know you walkin’ round, talking down/Saying boss shit when you a runner, right?”


The trio unsurprisingly dropped the song on Tidal, Jay Z's music streaming platform. This isn't the first time Jay and Khaled have worked together. They collaborated on the hit song  "I Got the Keys," which was a track off of Khaled's Number One album Major Key. This marks the first time Bey has worked with Khaled, though, and the first time in nearly 4 years since she's collaborated with her husband professionally. The last time Mr. and Mrs. Carter appeared on a song together was "Drunk in Love" back in 2013. 


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