The Weeknd Disses Justin Bieber With Lyrics On New Song

The Weeknd may be throwing some shade at Justin Bieber on a verse he contributed for new song "Some Way" by Nav

Here are some of the lyrics that were contributed by The Weeknd on the track: 

"I think your girl, think your girl fell in love with me

She say my f*** and my tongue game a remedy

Oh yea, yea, I just hit a lick and I know you feelin' some way

I just took that chick, and I know you feelin' some way, oh yea

She just want a n**** like me, you feelin' some way, way, way, yeah"

As Uproxx noticed, this piece sounds like a reference to Justin Bieber. Bieber was caught on video during The Grammys mocking the singer's song "Starboy." Now it seems that The Weeknd is throwing something back..... And a lot of fans seem to agree that The Weeknd was definitely mocking Bieber.... 

Photo: Getty

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