Vanessa From The Bachelor Has An IMDB Page

Pretty much everyone's favorite and pick for the season, Vanessa Grimaldi is not just known for her spot on this season of The Bachelor

Grimaldi has an acting past that has people talking as she is trying to win Nick Viall's heart. Wonder why this didn't come up at their one on one date.... 

The special education teacher has had a few appearances on television. There isn't a lot, but definitely enough to give her her own IMDB page! 

Vanessa has appeared as a co-host on Can Your School Rock in Canada. She also was on the widely popular show Blue Mountain State, a show best known for it's drinking, football and girls. She also acted on two shows called Ascension and Being Human! 

Maybe all of this will come out in the fantasy suite.... who knows! 

Photo: Giphy 

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