Zara Larsson Talks So Good, Secret Project, and More

Zara Larsson stopped by the studio to talk with Maxwell about her new song "So Good" featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The amazing track isn't the only exciting project the 19-year-old pop star has been working on. She revealed to Maxwell that she was in New York City to shoot a "secret project" that will be coming out in the spring. While Larsson couldn't say too much about what she was up to just yet, she did say that the shoot was "bomb" and that it "looked so good." Larsson was dying to talk about what she was working on, but the only thing she could really reveal was that it's a "collab." 

Larsson also spoke about what it's like to be a rising pop star in the social media ago. She said she's being as authentic as possible on every social platform. "I'm really being myself. I'm me, you know? It's great to see that people like me." She said of being as open as possible with her followers. "In today's society, being who you are is such a big part of being the artist. People don't care about just the music anymore. They want to know you." 

Larsson talked about her experience working with Ty Dolla $ign, revealing (through a cute little blush) that she was a big fan of the rapper before working with him. It turns out that Ty wrote "So Good"  with Charlie Puth and Jay Cash. Larsson has worked with Puth and Cash in the past, and they sent the track over to her to record. After Larsson recorded her vocals, Ty Dolla $sign asked if he could do a verse on it. Obviously, she said yes. 

Larsson told Maxwell that her album will be coming out soon, though she didn't give an exact date. She said the album's delay will all make sense to her fans when it officially comes out. "I'm just super excited and happy for me." Larsson said of her upcoming album. "I'm really proud, especially since I love everything I'm doing."

We love seeing artists come through that are super passionate about their music. It definitely shows in the songs Larsson is releasing. We're super excited for the album, but until then we'll be jamming out to "Lush Life" and "So Good" on repeat. 

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