Here's How 3 Day Weekends Can Save The Planet

Who doesn't love a three day weekend?! Nobody. According to a recent article by Alex Williams, a City University London visiting lecturer reporting for Quartz, long weekends might just be the key to saving the planet. You read that right. Apparently one additional day off from work and school every week could be very beneficial to the environment. 

The article states that when working and school hours are reduced, energy usage obviously decreases. This occurs because people aren't commuting to work and school, as well as large office buildings are able to power down for one extra day. This would make a huge impact on the environment. (And your stress levels, TBH!)

According to the article, Utah was able to save $1.8 million in energy costs when the state transitioned workers to a Monday-Thursday work week. The workers daily hours were extended, but the employees still worked less overall. 120,00 tons of carbon dioxide were reportedly kept out the atmosphere each year as a result of this transition.

But enough about the planet's needs, am I right? We're all concerned about taking care of our home, obviously, but we also need a little TLC ourselves. Shortening the work week by 1 day also has the ability to reduce illness, increase productivity, and boost humanity's general well being. Sounds like it's time for more long weekends. 

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