Perrie Edwards' Boyfriend is Scared Little Mix Will Write a Song About Him

Perrie Edwards isn't afraid to show off how in love she is with her new boyfriend British soccer star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The adorable couple likes to post cute pictures of their blossoming romance on social media and we always have to give them a double tap. Even though Perrie is all about showering her hot BF with love, Alex knows that Perrie and her Little Mix bandmates can write a pretty killer break up song. Example: Shout Out To My Ex. 


Alex told The Sun that he "better watch out! I don't want her to become an ex and sing about me. Probably something about Arsenal being rubbish." Before fans get worried about their beloved Perrie's heart getting broken, Alex made sure to say that he "better look after her." Awwwwwww! That's almost as sweet as their celebratory kiss at the Brit Awards last week. 


These two are seriously so cute together. We definitely ship Perrie and Alex. 


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