Halsey Hosted A Surprise Listening Party For 100 Fans

Halsey invited 100 of her biggest fans to a top secret listening party in London. The 22-year-old pop star played 4 new tracks from her upcoming album and it looks like things got pretty emotional. Halsey and her fans gathered in a chapel to hear the music, so that definitely added to the ambiance. The singer took to Twitter to share some sweet snaps from the event, saying “I sneakily invited 100 fans to a chapel in London to hear 4 new songs off the next album. We cried.” We're crying cause we're SO excited to hear the full album when it drops. 


Halsey's next album is rumored to be titled The Kingdom, although she has yet to confirm this information. Her fans are sworn to secrecy, but some snippets of info snuck out of the secret listening session. One fan account even tweeted that the new album is "one of love and loss with songs based on the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet."


This has us even more excited for new music from Halsey. We love "Closer", but are ready for what Halsey has in the works!


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