Leonardo DiCaprio Flew A Special Eyebrow Artist To The Oscars

It's being reported that resident Academy Awards hunk Leonardo DiCaprio flew an eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to the Oscars. The Independent is reporting that the Oscar winner was determined to have the most on-fleek brows in the Kodak Theatre on Sunday night. Leo reportedly flew Sharon-Lee Hamilton, an Australian "eyebrow artist to the stars", from Sydney to Los Angeles. This special eyebrow artists was hired to specifically groom up Leo's brows before the big night. We can respect his dedication to the brow game, TBH. 

Leo, along with his bestie Tobey Maguire, apparently insisted on brining Hamilton out for the Oscars. The two elite actors wanted her to trim and wax their brows, which Hamilton normally charges $200 for the service. Hamilton didn't confirm Leo specifically flew her out to just do his brows, she did confirm that she worked with him on Sunday for the Oscars. 

What do you think about his brows? Are they on fleek enough for all that effort?!


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