Wine Infused Coffee is a Thing Now

Cosmopolitan is reporting that all of our wildest dreams have come true. And by that we mean, geniuses in a Nappa Valley café have cerated wine-infused coffee. So now we can all save ourselves a step and have our two favorite drinks at the same exact time. The new blended drink reportedly smells like wine, but tastes like coffee with a hint of blueberry. According to the Molinari Private Reserve, if you add more milk the coffee will taste even more like wine. "They also suggest letting the coffee sit because, like wine, the longer it sits the better it tastes," says Cosmopolitan. "If you're feeling wild, you can chill the coffee overnight for a wine-infused iced coffee."

It might disappointed you, though, because you won't be able to get lit AF off this drink. The wine isn't infused into the coffee to make you get drunk, it's simply there to boost the flavors in the coffee. It's available for purchase online for $20. Will you be trying this?!


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