This Ed Sheeran and B*Witched Mash Up is Everything

Everybody remembers the iconic late 90's girl group B*Witched right? Their song C'est La Vie swept the playground in 1998 and had everyone trying to bust out some Irish step dance moves on the black top. It's been a long time since we jammed out to B*Witched on her walkmans and Hit Clips, but C'est La Vie is still as catchy as ever. If you somehow don't remember this songs amazingness, here's the music video to remind you...


B*Witched and their classic song got a modern makeover, though, after Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw posted a mash up he made. Grimshaw combined C'est La Vie with Ed Sheeran's new hit song Galway Girl and the result is everything. The best part might just be the video accompanying it. Ed's face has been photoshopped on to the four girls from B*Witched as the break out their best Irish dancing. 



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