5-Year-Old's Reaction to Getting a New Heart is so Emotional

Try to get through this emotional video without crying. It's basically impossible. Ari, a 5-year-old boy suffering from critical aortic stenosis his entire life, learns he will finally be receiving a brand new heart. Ari and his family have spent the past five years in and out of hospitals, but now their luck is turning around. After waiting 211 days for the heart at Boston Children's Hospital, Ari's reaction to the good news was caught on video. 

Ari received his new heart on Friday, March 3rd. As Woman's Day reports, this is a step in the right direction for Ari and his family. The journey ahead will still be difficult for little Ari, though, but this new heart will help him face those challenges. "As of now, he's stable in the cardiac intensive care unit. He is deeply sedated and has a breathing tube in," his dad wrote on the blog Echo of Hope. "He looks like he's resting comfortably. Beyond that, he's still in the weeds and has a lot of mostly anticipated challenges to overcome, so there's not much of a medical update."

We're going to keep Ari and his parents in our thoughts! Good luck, Ari! 

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