Milo Ventimiglia Reveals Which This is Us Scenes Make Him Cry

It's basically impossible to get through an episode of This is Us without shedding a tear. The runaway NBC success is the kind of show you need to have box tissues at your side. Even Milo Ventimiglia, the man behind beloved family patriarch Jack Pearson, admits the show makes him well up like there's no tomorrow. He recently opened up to Variety about which scenes in the show made him reach for the tissue box. 

"There are so many. When William says to Randall  the chemo’s not working, that hurt,” Milo revealed. “The end of episode 15, when Kevin  walks in on Randall having his breakdown as an adult. Kate at the camp in episode 13, when she’s remembering her father’s funeral. When I see the family together, like the end of the pool episode, when he pulls the cooler over, or the end of the birthday episode and they’re having the wrapping paper fight. I’m kind of a softie. We should probably count the moments when I don’t cry.”


Milo is so in tune with the emotional reach of the show that he even wrote a permission slip for his fans to miss school after a particularly upsetting episode. He's just like Jack, always looking out for his kids. And by kids, we mean fans. Okay, we mean us. Thanks, Milo.


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