Watch 10-Year-Old Boy As He Sees Colors For The First Time

A company in California called 'Enchroma' has created glasses with filters that allow people with color deficiencies to see a more normal color spectrum. 

10-year-old, Cayson Irlbeck from Johnston, Iowa was surprised by his parents Aaron and Jacque with a pair of these glasses. He was told that he was being given sunglasses to wear when he played baseball. 

“We didn’t want him to know ahead of time what we were doing or what was being put on his face because we wanted it to be a natural moment,” said Jacque. “And we didn’t want to build up his hope any more than it already was if they didn’t work.”

After putting on the glasses, Cayson impesiately saw the world in full color. “I just didn’t really understand what people that aren’t colorblind actually saw,” Cayson said, “and that day was amazing.”

Photo: NBC News

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