Is Selena Gomez Going On Tour In 2017?

Ok #Selenators listen up! 

We all know Selena Gomez had to cancel her 'Revival Tour' due to her depression and anxiety caused by Lupus. However there has been no real word of her continuing that tour, or doing more performances again....until now! 

After appearing on her first U.S. Vogue cover, Selena gets the typical Vogue cover treatment, with the standard '73 Questions' video interview. Within the first 4 questions, Selena drops a BIG HINT that she is going on tour again within this year. At least that's what we think. 

In the interview, Selena gets asked by the interviewer what she can predict she'll be doing a year from now. Selena's response? "I think I'll be doing a lot of traveling." 

TRAVELING SELENA?! If that's not her telling us she's going on tour, we don't know what is! Just look at that smirk she gives the camera. That has to be a little hint to her fans. 

Whether it's a continuation of her 'Revival Tour' or a brand new one, we really hope we do see Selena traveling the world performing again! That would just be awesome. 

Photo: Getty

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