Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Sorority Sisters

We all know Ellen DeGeneres has a lot of fans for her afternoon talk show: The Ellen Show, but these girls should definitely be named her #1 fans. 

The sorority sisters of Marist College in New York, plan their class schedules around watching Ellen. They even have a group chat where they discuss each of the episodes and one of the girls even had an Ellen themed birthday! 

Well unbeknownst to them, the girls were being surprised by Ellen via video chat. Over the chat Ellen surprised the girls with a flip cup table! She explains that there are only four more seats left on a flight to L.A. to come see her so the girls were going to have to play each other for it. In the end, after one team won, Ellen of course told the girls they were all going to get to go! 

We can't wait to see these girls in the audience at the show! 

Photo: Youtube

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