Watch Selena Gomez Laugh Off Joke About Justin Bieber and The Weeknd

There has definitely been some tension lately between Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

 After Bieber found out his ex Selena Gomez was dating the singer, he has been making jokes about him on his Instagram story. Then there were rumors that The Weeknd wrote about Justin/Selena in a new song, but those rumors were quickly squashed when The Weeknd announced that that song was written months before any of this happened. Either way, these two are definitely not the best of friends. 

So of course it took everyone by surprise when Selena Gomez's trusted make-up artist Hung Vanngo made a joke about the two boys with Selena. 

Justin and The Weeknd are both from the country of Canada, so when Vanngo made a joke about Selena loving Canadians, we couldn't help but laugh at the tease. 

Watch above! 

Photo: Getty

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