Starley Talks Call On Me, Ed Sheeran, and Celeb Crushes

Maxwell got the chance to sit down with Australian pop star Starley and talk about the success of her amazing song 'Call On Me.' While the Sydney born singer is loving hearing her song on the radio these days, she revealed there were times when she didn't think she would make it. According to Starley, the key to her success was how hard she worked. Even when she had doubts about whether or not she would make it, she treated her passion for singing and songwriting like it was her job. "It's hard work over talent," Starley said of her journey. "Dedicate yourself to your craft. There's no way that your not going to get there. You just have to put the time in." 

Starley also spoke about her authentic songwriting process, telling Maxwell she uses writing as therapy. The raw honesty in her lyrics helps those listening to her music relate to the music in a very real way. She plans to continue writing therapeutically as she moves forward in her career. She has a special place at her parents house in Australia where she loves to write because she needs a peaceful environment to work. 

It's not surprising that Starley would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran, another artist known for his honest lyricism. "I think he's a really natural person and a really cool, kind, lovable guy." Starley said of the British singer, adding that "he's so friggen talented." We'd love to see this collaboration come to life, as well as more new music from Starley herself. 

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