Man Found Dead in Closet of All Girls High School

The body of a 65-year-old man was found dead in a classroom closet at the Academy of the Holy Angels early on Wednesday. According to Police Chief James Powderley III, the Demarest, NJ police department received a call from the catholic all-girls institution's facilities administer at 11:45 am. According to a student at the school, one of her classmates found the man in the closet of the "old theater." After the discovery, the students were told to "shelter in place." They were then brought to auditorium where they were informed about what had happened. Students were dismissed at their normal time. 

The deceased man is suspected of being a Cablevision contractor, but his name has not yet been released. Powderley revealed police "do not believe he passed recently relative to the time of the call." The man's time of death isn't yet available, but police said foul play is not suspected at this time. Counselors from Holy Angels are available to speak with students during the incident, as well, Powderley said.

"The students, parents and school staff was tremendous," Powderley revealed. "Everyone remained calm; things went very smoothly.” In a somewhat surprising move, Holy Angels will be open for business on Thursday. Nothing is more important than an education, not even an going police investigation. 


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