Charo Threatens To Leave DWTS

Flamenco guitarist, Charo, is pissed for almost getting eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

The performer is threatening to leave the show unless she is scored more fairly. According to E! News the 66-year-old is "seriously upset" and thinks ABC is treating her unfairly. A source explains: 

"Charo was super upset this week about her scoring and she feels like she's being treated and scored very unfairly. She is seriously upset."

Here is her first performance on the show: 

After receiving a score of 21 and then a 25 out of 40 from the judges, Charo almost faced an elimination when she was in the bottom two at week two. The source continues saying, "She was telling producers that she doesn't like how they're underscoring her and she feels like she's been treated so badly so she was threatening to quit."

Charo even told E! herself that she "was very upset that they kicked out Chris. I was about to make a deal. I go, and he stays. But I don't think the rules allow that. He tried very hard and it's so beautiful. Also, I was very upset that they gave [better scores] to Mr. T."

Even with all this, Charo's representatives are still saying she "loves ABC and DWTS and she appreciates the opportunity afforded to her to be a part of the show."

Do you think she deserves the scores she got?! 

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via: Perez 

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