Watch Lorde Sing About Her Love for Cadbury Creme Eggs

It seems like Lorde might have one big problem when she visits the United States. "I've been in America," Lorde told BBC1 Radio host Nick Grimshaw. "and the chocolate is not very good." The 20-year-old singer revealed she was looking forward to her trip to England because she would get to snack on Cadbury Creme Eggs. The popular English treat is a chocolate shaped egg with a mysterious creme center, which isn't available in the states, that the Brits go crazy for around Easter time. 


Grimshaw surprised Lorde with 10 Creme Eggs during her interview. He then revealed he new and improved lyrics to Lorde's latest single Green Light, changing the song to be about her beloved Creme Eggs. Lorde and Grimshaw sang a duet of the new lyrics and it's hilariously relatable. The best part is definitely when they joyfully yell out the chorus: "I'M WAITING IT FOR IT! THAT CREME EGG! I WANT IT!"


Lorde's album Melodrama will drop on June 16. Perhaps this new version of Green Light will make it on! 


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