'13 Reasons Why' Author Says There Was Almost A Different Ending

WARNING Spoilers Ahead

10 years of reading the infamous book, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and everyone still has to live with the fact that Hannah Baker dies. 

After her suicide, the story takes you through the 13 people she holds responsible for her death and through tapes, she describes why she feels they took part in it. Jay Asher revealed that in the book's 10th anniversary edition that Hannah survived in the bestseller's original ending. 


What do you mean Hannah was supposed to survive?! Well originally Asher wanted Hannah to attempt to kill herself by swallowing pills, but saved in the end when her parents got home and took her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. 

“I liked the idea of ‘We’ve learned something from this. And yet, here’s a second chance,'” says Asher about the original ending. “Knowing as well that it was going to be difficult when Hannah went back to school to have to deal with those kids. It’s not like everything’s smooth now. In fact, it might be even tenser for her. But now there’s Clay, who’s going to be upfront that he’s there for her.” (EW)

However, in the end Asher went in a different direction. 

“Out of seriousness for the issue, we realized we can’t go there,” he explains. “No matter that there were missed opportunities for her. Those opportunities aren’t there if you do this. Once I realized that the message of the story would be stronger and that it would definitely be more of a cautionary tale. I felt that was definitely the way to go. That’s why Skye’s character made a reappearance, which was cool to see her have a bigger role throughout the TV series.”

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