The Original Tamagotchi's From The 90's Are Getting a Re-Release

We love our 90's revivals and now we are getting back a toy that was near and dear to everyone's hearts! 

The Tamogotchi aka the electronic pet made by Japanese toy maker Bandai that was created in 1996 is making a return! The first edition '96 Tamagotchi is going for over $100 on Amazon right now. This year though, the toy will be returning in it's original form for $13.55! 

The biggest difference between the 90's Tamagotchi and now is that the 2017 re-release is about half the size of the original Tamagotchi!

 The toy has already launched in stores in Japan and you can find it here Amazon Japan for ¥2,000 JPY (approximately $18 USD). 

Photo: Getty 

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