Jake Miller Reveals That He's Single For The First Time In 8 Years

Ok ladies, the rumors are true... Jake Miller is single for the first time in 8 years! 😍 😘 The singer stopped by our DDICL to talk his new music and inspirations with Maxwell. 

"Where are you pulling some of those stories," asked Maxwell basing his question on the personal lyrics of Jake's newest songs. "So this is the first time I'm single in 8 years," reveals Jake, "So this is like the first time I can draw emotion from that kind of space..... It's definitely a more emotional project." Well you can get emotional with us Jake, we don't mind! 

Even with rumors swirling last year that they were together, Jake Miller jokes about his bandmate having a crush on the olympian Simone Biles. Jake and Simone are so close they even got tattoos together! "We went together to get a tattoo did you see that?" Why yes we did Jake... 

Jake is single, but his love for Simone Biles is definitely forever. Just take a look at the post she made for him on Instagram wishing him good luck on his tour! 

Check out Jake Miller as he performs Selfish Girls, Back To The Start and Parties, below! 

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