What You Didn't Know About DNCE's JinJoo

"Say hello to the new band JinJoo with DNCE," as introduced by Elvis Duran this morning on the air. 

JinJoo the guitar player of this hit band has kept her life pretty private from the world, but after her interview with the Elvis Duran Show this morning, we know way more about her! Not only did Joe Jonas describe her as 'loud,' we also learned that she crushed the Jonas brother in video games. 

The boys of the group may be protective of her when it comes to boys, but they seem to not be able to protect themselves when she slaps each of them (besides Jack) before every show! 

We learned so much about JinJoo from this interview like her favorite car is the mini cooper, and she has her eye liner tattoo'd on. Watch above to find out more about the mysterious DNCE guitar player, like why they call her tiny hamster, above! 

Photo: Getty

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