Here's Why Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed With You Every Night

We all want an excuse to have our dog sleep in our beds. 

First off, if we let them once and don't do it again, they will continue to cry and cry and cry until eventually we give in. So let's face it, our dogs are sleeping in our bed with us no matter what! But, what if we told you there are actually a handful of reasons for why it's a good thing to have your dog sleep in your bed with you. 

Plus it'll give you some excuses for your significant other that thinks it's really weird! 

  • They Make You Feel Safe

If you're living alone and noises FREAK YOU OUT late at night, having your dog in your bed with you can make you feel safe. Your dog, no matter how small, is there to protect you. If you ever feel like you hear an intruder, chances are your dog will hear it first. 

  • They Make You Healthier 

Studies done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention AND the National Institute of Health show that dogs lower your risk of heart disease?! Both institutions believe that dogs minimize your stress levels which will lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. So having a dog around will help make you healthier. 

  • They Help You Sleep

People with insomnia actually reported having a a dog sleep in their bed with them to help them fall asleep! The dog can actually provide comfort after a nightmare or anything else that is keeping you from sleeping. 

  • They Help With Depression

Studies show that people suffering from depression feel better with an animal around. When you're in a bad place, having a dog around you may make a huge difference. 

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