Charlamagne Tha God Tells Elvis Duran The One Person He Regrets Hurting

Charlamagne Tha God hung out with the Elvis Duran Show Tuesday (April 18th) when he was asked who he regrets hurting the most during his radio career. 

Charlamagne is known for always speaking out for what he believes in, so when Elvis Duran asked him if he had any regrets there was definitely an incident Charlamagne had in mind. He answered with the altercation between him and Floyd Mayweather from a few years ago. 

He tells us that his biggest regret was when he played audio of boxer, Floyd Mayweather, sounding like he couldn't read. This all went down after Charlamagne got word that Jimmy Kimmel was going to have Mayweather on television reading "Cat in the Hat," to prove he can read. "It was for the ratings," said Charlamagne but even still it was someone he regretted hurting. 

Although Charlamagne didn't get in any trouble from the radio station for doing this, he felt really bad about it. Eventually he did apologize to Mayweather for playing the audio he had of him and Charlamagne even tells Elvis Duran that he learned from that experience. He explains when he had the opportunity to do something similar to Drake a few years later he told everyone, "I'm not going near it." 

"It's a privilege to be alive," says Charlamagne when asked by Elvis what the word privilege means to him. "It's a privilege to be black." Charlamagne's book "Black Privilege" is out now! 

Photo: Getty 

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