Shawn Mendes Reveals That Charlie Puth Sends Him Workout Selfies

Shawn Mendes called the Elvis Duran Show today to celebrate the release of his new single, "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back." 

The Canadian singer is about to start his, Illuminate World Tour, with pal Charlie Puth and we can't wait to see what these two do. Well we learned from Shawn in this interview that him and Charlie have been training hard for their fans, and Charlie even texts him workout selfies! "He actually sent me a picture of himself the other day... That sounded really bad!" That's ok Shawn, we got what you meant 馃槣 Well you heard him Charlie, keep hitting the gym! 

Besides his trips to the gym, Shawn also talks his current obsession with the hit show, "Grey's Anatomy". He even has a crush on one of the interns (Lexi?)! "I was so upset because I was actually falling in love with one of the actresses on the show. She's one of the interns, and I'm thinking this girl can't be much older than me because I totally forgot that this show is really old. And now she's like 40."

Shawn definitely has a strong work ethic, but on this tour he plans on taking a break every now and then. He says, "To be honest, it usually is all on the stage and work, but I planned this tour so that we have a lot of off [time]. For each city we go to we have a day off the next day.  I just really wanted to make sure I did that this time around because I didn't get to last time."

Shawn has definitely made the most of his break right now. The singer made an appearance in Toronto for John Mayer's "The Search For Everything" tour. 

Shawn's dreams came true when he performed his song "Mercy" and "In Your Atmosphere," with his idol. It will definitely be a moment in his career he will never forget! 

Listen to Shawn Mendes' full interview with the Elvis Duran Show below and be sure to check out his new single: "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back." 

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