Is This Proof Cole Sprouse is Dating His Riverdale Co-Star?

Fans of the show Riverdale have been shipping Cole Sprouse with his co-star Lili Reinhart for a while now. Since they began working on their popular CW show, the two actors appear to have grown pretty close. They've made frequent appearances on each other's social media accounts, looked cozy in cast photos, and have even been spotted hanging out together IRL by fans. Well, these two have fueled the fire a little bit more over the weekend by posting matching photos to their Instagram accounts. Is this proof that Cole Sprouse is dating his Riverdale co-star? We sure hope so. 

Both Cole and Lili posted gorgeous shots of Lili in an open field filled with beautiful flowers. Cole posted a black and white photo of Lili in a long black dress, looking away from the camera. He accompanied the post with a long, poetic caption. Meanwhile, Lili's photo captured the vibrant color of the flowers surrounding her. Her caption was short, and definitely aimed at Cole: "thank you for indulging me." 

It's not a secret that Cole is a talented photographer. He often shares pictures of his work on social media and has even taken photographs for powerful publications like Teen Vogue. It seems like Lili has found herself the dream Instagram boyfriend we all wish we had. Next time your own boyfriend gives you a hard time about taking a picture of your cute outfit, show him the amazing photos Cole Sprouse took of his (rumored) girlfriend. That should shut him up. 

Neither Cole or Lili has commented on their relationship status. All we can say for sure is that these guys must be super close. I mean, they did travel off into nature together for a photoshoot. That has to mean something, right?

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