Uncle Johnny Makes Us Drinks, Los 5 Performs And More At Our Elvis Duran Show Live Broadcast

Live from the beautiful Riviera Maya hotel: Unico 2087, our Elvis Duran and the Morning Show broadcasted to our listeners here on Elvis Duran's Dysfunctional Vacation thanks to Fujifilm Instax

Our amazing listeners woke up with us today, some in pajamas! 😂 No matter how late we all went to bed the night before, ***cough Greg T, everyone got up to watch their favorite morning show in action. 

With the sun up we are officially ready to bring the mic into the audience to see how our listeners have enjoyed their stay so far. We thought the bonding would come from the welcome party on Thursday night or everyone enjoying their complimentary steamers... turns out all we had to do was put two listeners in the same vehicle.  

And what would be 8am without some drinks via Uncle Johnny 😍 It can't be that easy though... We put Uncle Johnny up against the mixologist here at the Unico 2087 Hotel and you'll never guess who won.....

Soon after, Los 5 performed their version of 'Despacito' and it was AMAZING!!! This version of the song is one you must play over and over again, trust us... or just watch below! 😜

Stay tuned to our Facebook Live tonight when we go live again to hear their new song 'Satisfaction' and more! 

As for our live broadcast, that's a wrap! Thanks Fujifilm Instax and Unico 2087!!! 

Photo via Web Girl Kathleen

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