Bruno Mars Has The Best Reaction To 'That's What I Like' Reaching #1 On The Hot 100 Chart

Bruno Mars' song "That's What I Like," just hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and now it's time to celebrate! 

The singer posted a hilarious video on his Instagram saying, "If no one is gonna say it, then I'm gonna say it! Hooligans we out here killin the charts! #1 Billboard Hot 100 #ThatsWhatILike #Charts 🍓 🍾💥💥." 

The video show's Bruno shaking his head in satisfaction with a voiceover declaring each chart "That's What I Like," is #1 on! The Hot R&B/Hip Hop, Hot R&B Songs, Pop Songs, Rhythmic Radio, and never forget the Hot 100 all have his song as #1 on their chart. He really is a true "stunna"! 

Of course, never forget, he is also #1 in our hearts ❤️  Congrats Bruno! 

Photo: Getty

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