Sewage Water Was Pouring Down From New York's Penn Station Roof

As if commuting through Penn Station couldn't get any worse, the roof of the train station was apparently raining 'poop water' this morning. 

Commuters were greeted by more than the usual smells of New York's Penn Station, Thursday morning, May 3, commuters were greeted by "sewage leaking coming from 2 Penn Plaza upstairs," according to the Associated Press

Commuter, Daniel Goodwin, told Gothamist “It just smelled like poop or rather sewage water...It was brownish, but that could’ve been from rust or debris. As I was walking by, a custodian said out loud that it smelled like sewage water—I imagine he has a better nose for these things than I—and was telling other passers-by.”

Another commuter, Todd Brown, told NBC New York, “It’s horrible. It gets worse and worse. You pay more and more, you get less and less.” 

Thankfully train service wasn't affected by the raining poo-smelling water. A spokesperson for the Vornado Realty Trust company that manages 2 Penn Plaza confirmed to NBC New York that the leak came from a pipe and there were no injuries. 

Photo: Getty 

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