Elvis Duran Explains How He Designed His Office To Help Him Lose Weight

Elvis Duran took NBC News, on a tour of his office! 

The first thing Elvis pointed out was the mannequin he has nicely dressed that stands right beside his office chair. According to our radio morning show host, this mannequin represents a time when he was over 100lbs overweight. Elvis saw the mannequin and knew he wanted to have the same physique as it one day. Sure enough that day has come, and with the mannequin by his side, he is reminded every day not to load up on carbs. 

Elvis also has a photo of Lady Gaga and up and coming DJ Marshmello to show the "mountain of talent." Those artists that have just starting, and the artists that have totally made it. 

Elvis also pointed out the large map in his office with pin points on every city their show reaches via terrestrial radio. The map show's the Elvis Duran Show "where we are and where we want to go," says Elvis. 

Elvis' office is all about visualizing your goals, and we could not be more proud of our #1 radio morning show! 

Photo: Getty

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