Harry Styles Performed On 'The Today Show' This Morning And It Gave Us Chills

The Today Show's 'City Summer Concert Series' is officially underway after an amazing performance by Harry Styles

The One Direction star debut studio album is set to be released Friday May 12th, but already the singer has sold out his world tour. Styles is definitely the must-see act this year and his performance Tuesday morning is just the start of it all! 

Kicking off the concert series, Harry sang 'Ever Since New York,' giving us all chills. 

Then for the first time, Styles performed 'Carolina,' and wow just wow.... Our eyes are still not dry from this amazing performance. He really stole our hearts with this one right here! 

How could it not be a Harry Styles show without the song he debuted first as a solo artist: 

'Sign of the Times.' 

This performance was truly incredible and we can't wait to catch him on tour! If it's anything like this live performance, we are in for a real treat. 

Photo: Youtube

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