Miley Cyrus Reveals The One Song Of Hers She Doesn't Like To Sing

103.5 KTU KTUphoria artist: Miley Cyrus stepped into the KTU studio Tuesday morning to talk all things Malibu, The Voice, and her BFF Katy Perry!!  

Cubby and Carolina in the morning got the entire scoop from Miley after asking a list of rapid fire questions. The singer broke down all the details for us and we've got them right here for all of her fans! 

When asked if she would play Madonna in an upcoming biopic of the legend, Miley stated, "I think that's a huge huge compliment. Idk if she asked me I couldn't turn down Madonna but Paris Jackson looks too much like madonna. I'm the wrong pick"

 Then when she was asked which judge on The Voice she would duet with she responded, "ain't gon be Blake [Shelton]! Just kidding. Probably Adam [Levine] we're really close. Now Alicia [Keys] is gone and I don't know Jennifer Hudson but I'm excited to team up with her. Basically 3 against Blake. He's the nicest guy in the world but so fun to mess with."

Of course with KTUphoria coming up we had to ask what songs we would be hearing. Well it turns out Miley is not about singing her hit song "Wrecking Ball" anymore! "I'll do it," Miley continues, "But I don't love it. It's when you're so stoked about something and then you have to sing a song that bums you out. And I'll never live down when I licked a sledge hammer"

We can't help but wonder if a collaboration with her sister Noah Cyrus is coming. Miley, being the best big sister anyone could ask for, said "only if she'll have me. She's cool as ever and I'm her number one fan."

We are always hearing about the country legends Miley looks up to, but we had to know if there was anyone in the pop world that she admires. Her answer was of course her friend, Katy Perry. Apparently these two will be celebrating their 10 year friend-aversary this year! "Next year Katy Perry and I will be friends for 10 year. That's so long for an LA friendship. When she wrote "I Kissed A Girl" I was on set for the Hannah Montana movie and she asked me to go to the VMAs with her. That's when my whole VMA controversy started! My mom went into the limo with me and Katy Perry because she was nervous. That's how we met and we just stayed friends. When she came out with 'I Kissed a Girl,' I was doing the Hannah Montana movie, and I heard her on the radio," Cyrus recalled. "They said, 'Who did you write that about?' She said me! And I was on a four wheeler, actually -- my dad had this four wheeler, this is how hillbilly we are, we had a radio attached to the four wheeler -- and I heard it and I screamed, and started freaking out."

Even though they are great friends there is another reason Miley looks up to her in the pop world. She says, " because she's my friend and two because of her political work. She was like the first one to go campaign for Hillary [Clinton] and I followed that. She used her voice for pop culture and politics and I loved it."

"I'm living the dream, I can't believe I was in the car writing a song about the beach and now I'm here. God bless the traffic!" Well we must say we are so grateful for Miley always hitting traffic on her way to The Voice and other places so we can be blessed with this song 'Malibu.' After hearing such positive things from artists like Lorde, Miley is definitely feeling grateful for all of the positivity that has come with this song. 

We can't wait to hear Malibu and more being played at KTUphoria June 3rd. For tickets go to for all the info! 

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