Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Once Played 'Purple Rain' Together

Liam Payne dropped his new single 'Strip That Down' on Friday morning and we're loving it. He stopped by the Z100 studio to celebrate the beginning of his solo career with Maxwell. They chatted about that controversial 1D lyric in Liam's song, as well as sharing some fond memories from his years in the band. Liam shared one memory that will have fans of Harry Styles' relationship with Taylor Swift swooning. 

"I was sat once with Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Harry [Styles], and Niall [Horan]," the pop star recounted. "And I was playing the piano and we were singing 'Purple Rain'. How funny is that?" While that does sound amazing, unfortunately nobody present at the time captured the moment on their cellphones. 

Liam didn't quite recall exactly when this happened, although he said he believes it happened after the VMAs. There's been other reportedly ~scandalous~ moments to go down between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at that particular awards show, including the time Taylor allegedly called Harry out in her acceptance speech for her song 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' Fans of both artists know that this song is rumored to be about their relationship. 

We'd have to imagine that this impromptu performance of the iconic Prince song 'Purple Rain' happened before the 2013 VMAs or perhaps a long time after when things cooled down between Harry and Taylor. No matter when this happened, though, we wish we got the chance to witness so many of our faves jamming out together! 

Check out Liam's full interview below:

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