Machine Gun Kelley Reenacts 'Lunch Lady Land' From SNL

So we all know the infamous 'Lunch Lady Land' sketch from SNL circa 1994 featuring Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and Kevin Nealon right?! 

Well incase you forgot how the song goes here is a full video of the sketch: 

The lyrics, "With a little slice of love. Got no clue what the chicken pot pie is made of. Just know everything's doing fine. Down here in Lunch Lady Land," will be forever in our brains... Seriously have you ever watched something this hilarious?! 

Well prepare yourselves everyone for another amazing rendition of "Lunch Lady Land" sung by the one and only Machine Gun Kelly

Ok.. ok, that has to be the best thing we have ever seen! So thankful for MGK to step into our studio and grace us with this beautiful cover. We know your album Bloom is out already, but is there anyway to make this a bonus track?! We would be forever grateful! 

Photo: Youtube

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