Miley Cyrus Got Emotional Singing Malibu on TV for the First Time

Miley Cyrus performed her brand new single 'Malibu' live on television for the first time on Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. We weren't the only people who were hyped to see Miley performing again. Her little sister Noah Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus gave her a sweet, yet hilarious introduction. "She's the happiest she's ever been and you can hear it in [Malibu]," Noah told the crowd, going to joke that it was the "first time in years with pants on" that Miley would be taking the stage. 

Miley did, indeed, take the stage with pants on. She mimicked the all white look she wore throughout the music video for 'Malibu.' She left the crazy special effects behind, with only a video of a beautiful beach landscape playing behind her while she sang. From the start of the song, Miley's vocals were on point. 

As the performance came to a close, though, Miley started to get visibly emotional. In the last verse of the song, Miley gets choked up as she sings "a brand new start / a dream come true / in Malibu." We don't blame Miley for getting a emotional. It's a seriously powerful song that represents so much to the 24-year-old. She wrote the song about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, who was on hand in Vegas to support his fiancé.

We're so happy Miley is back and better than ever! Congrats on the awesome performance, Miley! 

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