Meme Creator Tank Sinatra Is Taking Over Z100

George Resch AKA 'Tank Sinatra' is a comedian, author, Instagram celeb and long-time Z100 listener. Tank has been featured on ABC's Nightline, Elle, MTV and much more while also being listen by Harper's Bazaar as one of the "Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow in 2016." His content has been reposted by top celebrities including, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mario Lopez and has A-list followers including John Mayer, Chrissy Teigen, Trevor Noah, and Jack Black

His first original meme was shared nearly one million times! His work can be seen on famous meme accounts such as @thefatjewish and with their help he has become the most popular meme creator in the world! 

We have the pleasure of getting Tank Sinatra to blog on Z100 to help spread the meme love to our listeners: 

Today, we dive head first into the frothy meme tank, filled to the brim with all the cold ones that were cracked open with the boys this weekend. 


Although the male version of the romper (aka the RompHim™ *cringe*) made quite a flamboyant splash in the meme pool this week, I'm giving it a dishonorable mention and I'd prefer to not give it any more attention than it's already gotten. I just wanna forget about it. 

 It would be much cooler and crispier to talk about how the Barstool Sports tag line "Saturdays are for the boys", morphed into the most dominant meme trend over the past 7 days and took on a life of its own. What started off as a round about way of letting your girl know you weren't going to be around this weekend, turned into an amber colored stream of everything from the Titanic hitting an iceberg, to Negan (me) cracking a couple of cold ones (Glenn and Abraham's skulls) with the boys (Lucille). Sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the most twisted variations of this week's meme trend. 

In 2017, Tank released his first book, "Happy is the New Rich," which is a collection of humor and insisights over the course of 10 years from experience in recovery. You can buy a copy of his new book here

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