Niall Horan Forced Jimmy Fallon into Doing the Gangham Style Dance

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Niall Horan appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. He took a seat next to Fallon's desk for a chat, as well as performing his new single 'Slow Hands.' Those segments were obviously ~amazing~ but the best part of Niall's appearance was when we forced Jimmy Fallon into doing the Gangham Style Dance. "It's about to go viral again," the Irish singer told the tv host. Let's see if he's right. 

During his chat with Fallon, Niall wouldn't reveal when his album would be dropping. He cited Ed Sheeran as inspiration for his mysterious ways. He says things are changing in the music industry and that you don't need to follow a strict six month marketing plan leading up to your album's release anymore. If Ed can just drop two new singles out of nowhere, then Niall can keep us all wondering when that full length album is coming. He did say, however, it will com after he's wrapped up international promo for 'Slow Hands.'

Okay, time to watch that Gangham Style video again...

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