Luis Fonsi On 'Despacito' Being the Song of the Summer

Luis Fonsi is the man responsible for your new favorite song. He stopped by the Z100 studios to talk with Brady about the massive success of his cross over hit 'Despacito,' which has taken over the airwaves. Brady believes 'Despacito' is on track to be Song of the Summer, and Fonsi weighed in. "I'm an optimistic guy and obviously it felt special to me from the moment I wrote the song, when my boy Daddy Yankee joined the party, it felt great but no way did I plan that it was going to be a crossover record," the Puerto Rican native explained. "I didn't plan for it blow up. Not only in the States, but in Asia, Europe, and places like Russia, you know what I mean? And it's a Spanish song at the end of the day. It's great. It wasn't really planned to be a crossover. I just wanted to do a great song. I wanted to pay a little homage to where I'm from. It just so happens people are connecting to it, even though they're not really understanding what we're saying. They're loving it and it's a blessing." 

Fonsi also opened up about how his collaboration with Justin Bieber came about. It turns out he didn't even have to reach out the 23-year-old superstar in order to get his feature. "It's one of those things that if you plan it, it doesn't happen. I give full credit to my man Justin Bieber, who actually called us," Fonsi revealed. "We released the original version five months ago and it became a huge hit in Latin America and Europe. Bieber was on tour in Colombia and he heard the record at a night club. Literally. I can't make this up. He fell in love with the song and called management and they called us and said 'Bieber wants to do a remix.'" 

Fonsi, thankfully, said yes to Bieber's remix and the song subsequently blew up stateside. While Bieber does sing parts of the song in English, the majority remains in Spanish. It's still catchy even if you don't fully understand the Spanish lyrics. If you did want to know what 'Despacito' really means, Fonsi broke it down for us. "It means slowly. It's a sexy song. It's one of those songs that says 'let's slow it down, let's enjoy the moment.'" Fonsi said of his lyrics. "When it comes to sexy times, we need to just slow it down and it's just fun."

Let's all pour one out for Justin Bieber for bringing 'Despacito' to the U.S. and for possibly finding the Song of the Summer before everybody else. And, obviously, for introducing us to the amazingly talented Luis Fonsi. 

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