Tank Sinatra Takes On The 'Tornado Dad' Meme

Never, and I mean ever, get in the way of a middle aged man and his yard work. This past week in Alberta, Canada, our overly friendly neighbors to the North were taken by storm while a man named Theunis Wessels (that's the most Canadian dad name of all time) threw caution to the wind in the name of finely manicured grass. He promises he was "keeping an eye on it" but the only thing we could keep our eye on was the humongous tornado in the background, looming over him while he performed his dad-ly duties. 

It almost looked like an advertisement for Sharknado 5, but there were no sharks to be found (except in some photoshopped versions of the picture) just an insanely committed man, and his lawn mower, who perhaps should be committed. 

Here are some other memes created from the image: 

About Tank Sinatra: 

George Resch AKA 'Tank Sinatra' is a comedian, author, Instagram celeb and long-time Z100 listener. Tank has been featured on ABC's Nightline, Elle, MTV and much more while also being listen by Harper's Bazaar as one of the "Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow in 2016." His content has been reposted by top celebrities including, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mario Lopez and has A-list followers including John Mayer, Chrissy Teigen, Trevor Noah, and Jack Black

His first original meme was shared nearly one million times! His work can be seen on famous meme accounts such as @thefatjewish and with their help he has become the most popular meme creator in the world! 

We have the pleasure of getting Tank Sinatra to blog on Z100 to help spread the meme love to our listeners! 

Also be sure to check out his first book, "Happy is the New Rich," which is a collection of humor and insights over the course of 10 years from experience in recovery. You can buy a copy of his new book here

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