Blake Lively Is Related To A 'High School Musical' Star

Blake Lively has one of the best families in Hollywood, don't you think?! 

She has her husband, Ryan Reynolds and two adorable girls, James and Ines. Well now we have just discovered another family connection between the actress and a Disney star from the hit movie franchise 'High School Musical.' 

According to Teen Vogue, the actress is related to Bart Johnson, aka Coach Bolton! 

Apparently Lively is sister-in-law to Johnson, who plays Zac Efron's dad in the High School Musical movies. 

Johnson even made an appearance at Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. He reffered to Lively in his Instagram from the event as his "sister and bestest friend." 

What a cute sibling duo! Definitely wish we were at these family dinners. 

Photo: Getty

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