50 Cent Says Power Doesn't Need an Emmy to be the #1 Show

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson sat down with Courtney A. Kemp and Garrett Vogel to talk about the upcoming season of his hit show Power. While Kemp and 50 Cent wouldn't reveal too many details about what's coming for characters like Ghost, they did talk about being snubbed by awards shows. After Garrett asked if Kemp and 50 think they'll finally get a nod after the upcoming fourth season of Power, Kemp confidently said "No, I don't that's coming." 50 Cent jumped in and said "Well, maybe not this season," then went on to say that "They don't even let me lose. They don't even put us there so we can lose. Give it to your friend, okay? But acknowledge the show. By the time they decide to, we'll probably be the number one show on cable. Period."

While the awards snubs used to be something that bothered them, Kemp says this isn't something they can stress over anymore. She cites the universally renowned show The Wire as the source of her epiphany. Just like Power, the critically acclaimed HBO drama never won any awards. "We can't worry about this anymore," Kemp explained. "This isn't in the cards for us. We're entertainment. Hopefully, people are entertained."

50 Cent also spoke on his fondness for fellow rapper Eminem. "He's different. When you get older in your life, you don't you can find somebody that means that much. And then when Em came, he provided the opportunity for the music to take off. Me having the largest debut hip hop album. I sold 13 million records, but he sold 22 million records on the Marshall Mathers LP. So I always had somebody to look at - a template - of something that was bigger than me that made me want to work harder."

Make sure to check out season four of Starz's Power this Sunday, June 25th

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