13-Year-Old Brings Crowd To Tears Singing For Her Father Battling Cancer

13-year-old, Evie Clair brought the 'America's Got Talent' crowd to tears while talking about her father battling cancer. 

From a small town in Arizona, Evie explains that she has to travel 30 minutes just to get milk from a store. Then the singer began to tell her story of why she's here, when she broke down in tears. She let's us know that her father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The audience is tearing up with Evie as she explains that she sings Christina Perri's 'Arms,' because this song is what she sings to her dad when he is having rough days to give him strength to continue his fight. 

Watch above as Evie's story and vocals move the audience to tears. 

Photo: Youtube

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