People Are Angry With Kim Kardashian Over Photo She Posted Of Saint West

People are pissed at Kim Kardashian West for a photo she posted of her son Saint Saturday. 

The reality-star posted this cute photo of her son sitting in his car-seat. The photo seems innocent enough right?! Well people are getting angry about a tiny detail that we even failed to notice! 

California law stated that any child under 2-years of age MUST be in a car seat that is facing backwards. Fans are saying that Saint's seat should be turned the opposite way for safety reasons and they are calling out Kim because of it! 

The law also stated that if the baby weighs 40 pounds or is at least 40 inches long it can be facing forwards. If Saint does weight this amount or is this long, then there is literally nothing wrong with the photo. 

One user commented on the photo saying, “he is so cute let's protect this handsome boy by making sure [he] is rear facing.” Another person responded saying,  “He's big enough to not be in a rear facing car seat anymore. He's gonna be 2 in a few months, he looks plenty big enough to be foreword facing.”

We have no idea Saint's height or weight, so is it fair to be blaming Kim for this? Comment what you think about this controversy! 

Photo: Kim Kardashian Instagram

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