French Montana Explains What Makes 'Unforgettable' Special

French Montana opened up about his experience creating the song 'Unforgettable,' as well as his time in Uganda filming the music video. French describes the song as being about "unforgettable moments" and his visit to Uganda was one of those special moments. "That whole trip was unforgettable," French said. "The song worked its way to be something that helped lives. I think the record became more of a movement. It became a lifestyle."

Despite having some more glamorous options to choose from, such as the Bahamas, Miami, and Hawaii, French wasn't sold on any of those locations for his music video. Once he saw the kids from Uganda dancing, though, he knew they had to be in his video. "These kids were in the dirt, in water puddles, and they were dancing for money," French described, going on to say it had an extremely personal resonance, as well. "They reminded me of me when I was in Africa. You know, I lived there for 13 years so it touched me in a different way." 

French said he hopes to raise awareness about third world countries, describing the concept of the video as "build bridges, not make gaps." He hopes 'Unforgettable,' as well as the amazing music video, will help bring people together. "There is a third world out there. There's a whole different world out there that people isolate, you know?" French said. "I'm not saying that there's no talent here, but most of the talent is over there in the motherland and different places that people don't shine a light on."

The rapper also spoke about his upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd and Max B, saying they just filmed a music video together. He didn't say too much about this collab, though, because for French "right now it's all about 'Unforgettable.'" As it should be. 

French Montana's new album Jungle Rules will be ready for fans on July 14. Until then, we'll keep listening to 'Unforgettable'.

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