Treat Yourself: iHeartMe Day Is The Best Staycation We've Ever Had

This year we decided to take a day to treat ourselves. 💅 

Our iHeartMe Day 2017 was a huge success! Not only did we get an excellent talk from Dr. Fat Loss, but we also got our nails done and even participated in some workout classes. Overall it was definitely a day filled with healthy and relaxing activities. 

The day started with a talk from Skeery Jones and Dr. Fat Loss: 


Then we did some yoga thanks to the lovely Nikki Carter! Not only was she an amazing yogie, but she also was such a great teacher. As beginners, we definitely learned a lot, while also having a ton of fun! 


Then Jordan Coburn throughout the day gave us the most amazing massages! 


We were even lucky enough to have the Swedish Institute here to give us massages throughout the day! 


And thanks to Pamela Lott we got our meditation and stretching on! What a great way to clear your mind and help you focus. Everyone should take a few minutes to meditate daily. 


Then with the help of Cyc Fitness, we got our spin on! 


Finally some pilates with Kristin McGee! One of our favorites of the day. Kristin was an incredible instructor and we definitely felt the stretch. 


Then we separated our day by eating some delicious food thanks to Aunt Butchies! Seriously the salad was superb. 


Then work out our lunch with CKO boxing, made our day complete. 


Finishing off our day with the full nail treatment thanks to Mani Care


This iHeartMe Day was definitely a success! 

Special thanks to Gaiam for providing us with the best athletic mats, water bottles and more! 


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