Tank Sinatra Takes On The 'How To Talk To Short People' Meme

As if short people don't have a hard enough time of it in this world, being paid less money, Napoleon complex, people leaning on their heads while resting, etc., now the internet is after them. What started out as a playful infographic, demonstrating "how to talk to short people" where a person is seen bending down and leaning on their knees to come down to the shorty's level, has morphed into a myriad of different ways to communicate with short people, one more disrespectful than the next. Put some respek on my name, and get your elbow off my head. 

This one is simply the exact opposite of what is correct, but this is how it started 

The disrespect is real 

Then it wasn't even about short people anymore.

This is a bit extreme, but at least we are considering the short person's feelings now. 

In short, the best way to talk to short people is probably just to not talk to them at all. 

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