Miley Cyrus is So Not Here for Liam Hemsworth's Instagram Post

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are without a doubt one of the cutest celeb couples out there. Despite breaking up for a few years, the two love birds are back and better than ever. They don't mind showing off their restored love on Instagram every now and again, either. Liam posted a picture of the happy couple to his Instagram on Sunday, captioning the photo "my little angel and I." 


Super cute, right? Well, not everybody thinks so. Miley hilariously commented on the photo, calling out Liam for posting a photo she's not really crazy about. Buzzfeed noticed the "Malibu" singer wrote Liam's post, saying "why. this. picture. lol"

Miley and Liam just became the most relatable celeb couple of all time, tbh. 


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