Here's Why Lush Just Sent Harry Styles 100 Bath Bombs

Harry Styles' blessed us all with his debut solo album not too long ago and we're just obssesed with it now as we were the day it came out. One of our favorite parts of Harry's solo effort is how dedicated he is to his personal ***aesthetic***, which can be seen even in his album art. The cover of the album features the 23-year-old Brit's back as he sitting in milky pink water. 

It's all very uniquely Harry, but some fans immediately began speculating that he reached his aesthetic goals with the help of Lush Cosmetics bath bombs. Yup. Fans think Harry just dumped a whole bunch of bath bombs in water and soaked in it for his album shoot. After months of speculation, it looks like Lush might have just confirmed this very important conspiracy with a simple tweet. 

Lush tweeted to Harry writing "something to get you in the mood for  a good...soak?" The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a large box of pink and purple bath bombs, as well as a sign that reads "To Harry: from one sex bomb to another. Love, Lush." According to Popsugar, Lush actually sent the pop star 100 bath bombs literally called "sex bombs."

Hey, Harry, we wouldn't mind taking some of those ~luxurious~ bath bombs off your hands. 

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